2010 Slideshow  
33 pound muskie  
Quick preview of the 2010 season
Matts 29 pound muskie & 1st LSC muskie 
 Fall Muskie Mayhem Tournament
Brandon Mate in Training
    Kennys Muskie

    2011 Slideshow  
 Tourney 1st & 3rd Place  
 Aboard the Fins and Grins we have numerous video cameras to help capture the           memories created during your time out with us. After your trip is over we take the        time as a courtesy to edit your video and send it you or post it on youtube. Keep in       mind it takes some time to edit but we will get them to you a.s.a.p. Here are some of    the videos over the past 2011 & 2010 seasons.
 Jon with his 37 pound slob 
Husband & Wife with 50"ers
Fall fishing with Donatos Custom Lures